“Women rep” petition MP Kamanda to relinquish their seat

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As the fight against corruption intensifies,Maina Kamanda has been questioned by “her” fellow Women rep against his motive towards deputy president.

Kamanda has been on the front line fighting Ruto’s bid for presidency stating that mount Kenya region won’t back his candidature.

Kamanda had earlier stated that Ruto is very corrupt and he cant be trusted with Country resources.

Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei has now fired a salvo at nominated MP Maina Kamanda over his attacks on Deputy President Willaim Ruto.

He asked the former Starehe MP to relinquish his seat because it does not suit him and it formerly belonged to women ut Kamanda used his influence to be nominated.

“Right now we have a problem with female gender top up in the country which we should have solved a long time ago. However, there is a grown-up man with beards who has taken a slot that belongs to women. I want to tell him to give you back your seat,” remarked Cherargei.

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He spoke at a church function on Sunday in Aldai constituency, Nandi County, where a host of county leaders led by Nandi Governor Stephen Sang had attended.

The MP accused Kamanda of working in cohort with the opposition to wedge Ruto’s from the race and basically the Jubilee party.

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Kamanda over the weekend said that Mount Kenya region will form its own political party in preparation for 2022.

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