Joshua Kutuny raises worries on how Ruto will sale the state house

Cherangany MP Joshua Kutuny has expressed his worries the Deputy President William Ruto becomes the President in 2022.

Joshua Kutuny who has applauded the handshake has expressed worries that the Deputy President William Ruto could even sale off the State house if he becomes the next President.

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Joshua Kutuny has expressed worries the way DP Ruto and his allies are busy attacking the office of the Director of Criminal Investigation George Kinoti defending graft.

Joshua Kutuny has also stated boldly that he is backing up the handshake and supporting the President Uhuru Kenyatta in the bid to root out corruption in the country.

Joshua Kutuny has attacked the Deputy President William Ruto terming him as greedy leader who is always busy gathering enough wealth for himself.

The 7 Billion which DP Ruto stated,Kutuny has said that the amount which Ruto himself benefited from the scandal.

Here is what Joshua Kutuny Said in Details

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