Gospel Artist Ljay Maasai speaks about his salvation journey

Gospel artist has shared with his fans about his Spiritual Journey and how he got saved

The Singer says that it started in high school after he was involved in two road accidents in 2009  and 2010

In the one of the accidents, the car rolled thrice and in the other, it rolled four times.

The Singer says that in both accidents people got hurt but for him he walked out of them with no injuries at all.

After the accidents, the Singer says that he began questioning himself on why God was protecting him so much.

The ‘ Ma Miracle’ hit maker says that the questions were triggered by a church sermon.

L Jay Masaai says that it is those thoughts that made him give his life to Christ.

He says that it was the moment when he believed  that he has a purpose to preach to people and win souls.

The Singer say that he used to do secular music for 3 years while he was in form 1 to form 3.

The Singer is currently among the influential artists and with time he earned himself a huge following.

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The flourishing of his music career dates back to 2014, when the artist recorded a song with Shiru wa Gp.

Ljay Masaai says that at that point, he had tried to reach out to over 10 artists who turned him down.

On writing his music, LJay Maasai says that he is inspired by what happens around him and what he goes through.

Which of his songs is your favourite?

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