Ethiopian Airlines reveal more than confidence on Boeing despite fatal crash

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Amidst all its sparked controversies, the Ethiopian Airlines have demonstrated that they believe in Boeing despite the crash of a Boeing 737 MAX 8 plane that killed all 157 people on Board leading to the model’s grounding declared the carriers CEO on Monday.

“Let me be clear: Ethiopian Airlines believes in Boeing. They have been a partner of ours for many years,” Tewolde GebreMariam wrote in a statement.

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He rejected criticism of the Airline’s training insisting that the crew of flight 302 had been ‘fully trained’ in the details of the service bulletins issued by Boeing and the US regulator in the wake of a lion Air Crash of the same Air craft model in October.The pilots of the 302 had been trained “on all appropriate stimulators ,” he added.

Ethiopia’s transport minister has said “clear similarities” exist between the two crashes based on an analysis of black box data, without giving further details.

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Tewolde called for the 737 MAX 8’s grounding after the crash, but in the Monday statement struck a conciliatory tone towards the American plane manufacturer whose models make up the majority of the Ethiopian fleet.

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