Bahati’s Ex- Baby Mama Forced To Explain Bahati’s Name Tatooed On Her Chest

Yvette Obura aka Mama Mueni
Yvette Obura aka Mama Mueni

Recently Mama Mueni aka Yvette Obura got a new tattoo on her body and fans could not stop questioning why she decided to bare Bahati’s name on her body yet they are now a past

According to Bahati’s ex baby mama her first tattoo had to be something precious and meaningful in her life and it turned out to be “Mueni Bahati” her daughter.

“My first tattoo had to be something meaningful and something I love and it happened to be #muenibahati…thoughts??” shared Mama Mueni.

Yvette Obura aka Mama Mueni

Yvette Obura aka Mama Mueni

Being Bahati

However, some of her friend who appeared on the “Being Bahati show”, expressed displeasure in action stating that it was not necessary to continue associating with Bahati at a time they are not together.

However, Mama Mueni seemed to have a different opinion “Sijaandika jina ya Bahati. This is Mueni Bahati, not Kevin Bahati!”

Yvette’s friend was not convinced enough and went ahead to tell her that Mueni and Bahati are names of two different people. She advised that it would have been better if she used her sir name instead of adding the singer’s surname.

Despite the debate around the tattoo, it appears to be a temporary one.


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This comes days after Ms Obura disclosed that she is in a serious relationship, with a “Ruracio” ceremony around the corner.

She made the revelation during a question and answer session on her insta-stories after a curious fan requested to know if she was dating.

“Are you dating” reads a question from one of her fans.

She responded saying “Hehe Babe… Yes I am…Ruracio at inaknock with Mr. Mombasa”.

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