The ‘Iron Lady’ Reveals What Scares her

Martha Karua is a fierce politician who against all odds strives to play in the men’s field and isn’t afraid to create a seat for herself at the table. Her personality is what earned her the title of ‘iron lady’ especially due to the brave face she wears proudly in the political sphere.

The iron lady who is not shaken by the who is who in the political realm seems to be shaken by Kenyans on twitter who are normally ruthless and inconsiderate of people’s feelings. They can tear you down to the point of no return. Twitter is one of those social media platforms that is not for the fainthearted. It needs thick skin and wit, that is what runs the twitter streets.

Everyone has a bit of wit in them on twitter and last night Martha let her personality come out to play.

“Goodnight tweeps trolls excluded”

But Martha is not easy on tweeps who try to rub her the wrong way, her tackles can leave one fighting for dear life too from embarrassment.

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