Nairobians be warned!Cholera breaks out in the City

On Friday, the Nairobi County Health Department issued an alert of a possible cholera outbreak in the city.

The County Director of Health Lucina Koyio said that all sub-counties in Nairobi were on high alert.

“The county is experiencing a wave of cholera outbreak which was confirmed March 20. In this regard, I am requesting all referral hospitals to reactivate their cholera treatment units to prevent the spread of the disease,” said Dr Koyio.

But according to Nairobi County chief officer of Health, the situation is currently under control with no cases reported lately.

“As a county, we continue to stay on high alert ready to deal with cases that may arise, “said Makodingo.

He added that public health officers were moving from door to door in affected areas, to distribute chlorine tablets used for treating water.

“Our teams have issued about 30,000 chlorine tablets in most affected areas like Ruia, Embakasi, Mathare, Starehe and all major informal settlements in the city,” he said.

He added the health department had collaborated with Nairobi Water to conduct a super chlorination process for the water used by the city residents.

The alert came a few days after another that was issued by neighbouring Kajiado County.

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