Boss Lady Akothee Lands in Turkana with Food!

The celebrate artist known for her controversial antics and social media posts had taken to social media to spearhead a fundraising campaign for the drought-stricken people in Turkana.

Award-winning Kenyan singer Akothee has just landed in Turkana with promised relief food just few days after her campaign drive to lobby for drought funds.

The mother of five urged her followers and fellow celebrities to contribute towards the pay bill number that she had put out in order to help feed the hungry in the Northeastern county of Turkana as well as donate clothes and sanitary towels. With the support of thousands of people, Akothee was able to raise 1 million Kenyan shillings in just 2 hours towards this noble cause.

And in a way to ensure that the raised funds were well utilized and served the purpose, Agothee accompanied the trucks ferrying relief food to Turkana on Saturday morning. In the pictures, Agothee glad in shorts was seen alighting from one of the lorries with the much anticipated foodstuffs before handing them over to the affected persons.

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