Akothee Gets them Talking Again after Stunning in Traditional Regalia in Turkana

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In the spirit of giving back to the society amidst the drought, Singer Akothee made her way to Turkana County where people from different communities in the area had come to receive food from well-wishers. The president of single mothers blended well with the people as she interacted and danced with the village women.

Dressed in traditonal regalia, Akothee who says she has a special connection with the Turkana people, looked like one of them as she mingled while sharing food with the women and children.

“Lodrwar is the capital city of Turkana, we can’t ignore the fact that we always have needy families around us, even in your village , especially the elderly , women and children, so we can’t Just pass them like that, our food arrived this morning, we had to organize logistics ready for tomorrow, I will flag off 2 lorries this afternoon as lorries take abit of time to cover the kilometers , have to drive as far as 300 killometers on terrein to reach the interior parts” – Akothee

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Akothee through her social media platforms liaised with Kenyans from different parts of the country to donate money which was used to buy food for the affected residents of Turkana County. Over 3 Million shillings was collected in the process exclusive of food donations that Kenyans delivered. Different organizations and leaders donated money and bags of maize for the worthy cause too.


The drought situation in Turkana County is being handled by sending relief food which will last for a couple of weeks before long term solutions are sought. The Turkana Governor Nanok claims to have sent relief food and clean water to affected residents, but some claim that they have not received anything from the government.

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The governor claims that Turkanas are the only people who understand their problems and the agencies that are trying to raise money in the name of helping drought victims, are just drought terrorists.

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