TV anchor embarrasses aloof DP, Ruto, CS Wamalwa over hunger-related deaths

In a no-holds-barred representation of fact, a popular TV anchor gave deputy president Dr William Ruto a dressdown following the denial of hunger-related deaths in parts of Turkana and Baringo.

Citizen TV’s Yvonne Okwara-Matole dared DP Ruto to get his act right and also castigated Devolution CS, Eugene Wamalwa for profound lethargy and aloofness.

Ruto was earlier quoted by the media claiming that reports revealing deaths arising from hunger was fake news and that the state was yet to verify those claims.

“It is unfortunate that the government officials have to expend so much energy defending the situation that we have comparisons between this drought and those of other years is really missing the point.

“Take this for example, the deputy president now says that the country is not facing a food crisis but rather a challenge in food. Well, whatever we want to call it, the people in Turkana and Baringo don’t have enough of it,” stated Okwara.

kwara further condemned Devolution Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa for not investigating claims that 17 people had died due to hunger.

She even adviced that he would have foregone an earlier interview with Citizen TV‘s Hussein Mohamed and used the time to get to Turkana and carry out investigations.

“Surely, the claim that not one but 17 people have died would prompt anyone to accompany that MCA  to those homes to see for themselves.

“Only upon further probing by our own Hussein Mohamed on Newsnight did he say that he would send a government official to verify the claim. Never mind this was after a categorical denial by none other than his boss, the deputy president, that no one had died,” continued Okwara.

“Now that we know the fact, he should in fact have refused to honour Hussein Mohamed’s interview and have stayed in Turkana going around the homes of those who may have lost their loved ones,” she offered.

In another take in 2017 at the height of a drought, the outspoken news anchor painted a gruesome picture about how painful death by hunger occurs, From consuming stored fats and body cells to ravaging the victim’s muscles.

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