Shock as Baby born is found ”pregnant” with her twin sister!

A baby girl born with a malformed twin growing inside her stomach has survived emergency surgery to remove her sibling just 24 hours after her birth.

The newborn baby, Itzamara, underwent life-saving surgery in Barranquilla, Colombia to remove the foetus. The tiny foetus, had no brain or beating heart, after the embryo split just 17 days into the mother’s pregnancy.

Mum Monica Vega told local media that doctors in Barranquilla, Colombia, detected something inside her baby’s abdomen when she was almost seven months pregnant.

CEN/Los Informantes

According to Los Informantes, it was the baby girl’s twin growing inside her stomach in its own amniotic sac, with an umbilical cord and arms and legs.

Doctors decided to deliver the baby girl in the 37th week of pregnancy so that the foetus inside her would not continue to grow and potentially affect her organs.

Now, a month later, little Itzamara is recovering well, with barely any signs of damage or impact to her abdomen.

It was “one of the strangest and most fascinating things you can see in maternal-fetal medicine,” Dr Parra-Saavedra told his local paper The Herald.

CEN/Los Informantes

If the embryo divides in the second week, the children will probably become conjoined. In this case, the embryo split after the 17th day.

CEN/Los Informantes

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