Finally Miguna reveals the ONLY cure for ailing Kenya: DP Ruto now shaking in panic

Vocal lawyer Dr. Miguna Miguna has on Friday chided Kenyans for massaging bad leadership in the country.

Miguna who was forcefully deported to Canada twice in 2018 stated that replacing the current cohort of leadership with new blood is the only cure for the ailing nation.

When one has a tumor in the belly one shouldn’t go to a plumber to cut the belly up and try to remove it. If one does so, s/he dies. Kenya suffers from CURABLE diseases: looting and murdering leaders. To cure these diseases, we must remove the “leaders” and transform the country.” posted Miguna.

Miguna further said that Kenyan “leaders” lack integrity since they have antagonistic interests against those of citizens thus cannot transform the country.

Expecting them to solve the problems facing us is to expect a plumber to surgically remove a tumour from your belly. ” added Miguna.

This assertion was supported by some of his twitter followers who reacted as stated below.

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