We’ll fire chiefs who say people are dead from starvation – DP Ruto

Statements by some chiefs of various counties affected by drought that indicate at least 21 people have so far lost their lives has land them in hot soup.

After the government denied that people are dying of hunger in the country, with Deputy President William Ruto now terming the current reports of death due to drought effects as fake news.

The DP was speaking during the official opening of the 1st Inter-Professional Summit in Shanzu, Mombasa County, he said “from where I sit and from all professionals that we have,” no one has died from the effects of the ongoing drought situation in the country.

“There is a lot of fake news around what is happening in Kenya. For example, we were told the other day that 11 people had did that is not true from where I sit and from all professionals that we have,” said Ruto.

The deputy president went ahead to state that the government has arrested a Chief and several individuals who have been quoted in the media saying that people have died of hunger.

He accused the said individuals of ‘faking deaths’ and playing with human lives.

“In fact the chief and the other fellows who faked death we’ve taken them in for questioning because these are people who are playing with a very serious matter involving human lives,” said Ruto.

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