Inspiration: Video of armless woman driving goes viral

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As humans we take many things for granted when we have them forgetting many are praying for the same.

Netizens were slapped back to reality by a youtuber who’s video showing how to drive without hands went viral.

They applauded the determined young woman who quickly became an inspiration for people across the world.

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Tisha has no arms but refuses to let that stand in the way of her living her dreams. She skillfully learnt how to drive a car and shared a video showing off her impressive ability online.

Tisha’s car has special adjustments which make it easier for her to operate the vehicle. It took twenty hours of training for her to learn how to drive the car. She soon mastered the art and even took the responsibility of teaching her siblings how to drive.

Tisha drives with her left foot on the brakes and her right foot on the gears. Social media users were impressed with her achievement and took to social media platform, Facebook, to express their admiration.

Many felt that Tisha’s determination and refusal to let her disability prevent her success was admirable and deserved a reward.

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