This Pastor has opened up about how he steals money

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Many of us feel conflicted by money.

We are uncomfortable with the control it has over our lives, but we know we are stuck in a system in which we need it for survival. We see it cause wars, but also seemingly heal the sick. It’s something we touch every day but never seem to really grasp.

Our current model of capitalism mirrors organized religion in that it is hierarchical in its dispersion of truth. Confusion is rampant as the markets move on speculation and the bankers adopt the role of priests. Amongst the laymen, economic illiteracy is widespread. It is unsurprising then that wealth should therefore be so concentrated in so few hands.

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The founder and leader of Ghana’s International God’s Way Church (IGWC), Bishop Daniel Obinim, has revealed his source of his wealth and it is just hilarious.

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According to Obinim, he does not obtain his wealth in the physical realm but steals money spiritually which he later converts into real life wealth.

Obinim has not only maintained his claim but gone ahead to indicate that he steals some of the money from World Bank.

“If I want money, I just go into the spiritual realm and I convert to physical,” he said.

‘So the money I have made and continue to make that people do not understand, I steal it from the spiritual world whether it’s dollars, pounds, naira or CFA,” he added.

While this claim was deemed by many to have been ridiculous, Obinim has stood by his claim The servant of God claimed he always flies as an angel and lands in the World Bank headquarters in Switzerland where the world’s money is printed and packs millions in different currencies.

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After packing the money and flying away, Obinim said he would then convert the spiritually stolen money into physical money and deposits them in bank accounts he has across the world.

Obinim’s claim which was made in his church with congregants applauding could be described as outrightly fabricated story because the claims are untrue in real life.

Neither is Switzerland the headquarters of the World Bank nor where the world’s money is exclusively printed. It is a known fact that the World Bank has its headquarters in Washington DC in the United States and most central banks of the world print their notes elsewhere.

So it is either Obinim is lying or his spirits deceived him on where they took him to go and steal the supposed World Bank money.

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