Msupa S action to her boyfriend after exposing her on social media

The upcoming Kenyan rapper, Msupa S claims to have forgiven her boyfriend who shared her photos of her with another man on social media. She said; “I don’t not like breaking up with my ex-boyfriend although he exposed me so much. We have a child together who is five years and that is why I still want to keep him as my man.

I had requested him to keep our relationship low key but his fears were that I would dump him. I trusted him so much and gave him even my password
I was so faithful to him so I was not hiding anything from him and he happened to read a conversation I had with Willy M Tuva where he wanted to link me up with Weezdom, who wanted to work with me in my next project.”

The conversation triggered him and out of jealous decided to expose her with the photos to terminate the new project she had. This was as away of killing her musically.

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