From cucumber choking to suffocation, here are recent Kenyan bizarre deaths during intercourse

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Death can occur during consensual sex for a number of reasons, generally because of the physical strain of the activity, or because of unusual extenuating circumstances. There are various euphemisms for death during sex, including “dying in the saddle” or the French “la mort d’amour”.

With the pressure to offer the best sex, most people are left at the mercies of gossip from friends or blue movies and literature for lessons.

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But in their endeavour to perfect their game between the sheets, some individuals try all manner of things they heard from friends or read about, most of which, at times, backfire, leading to injuries or complications.

Crazy tales have, for instance, been told of women who, in moments of reckless abandon, ask their lovers to tie them on beds during sex.

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Others reportedly ask their partners to slap them around during the act, whilst some demand all manner of oddities like oral or anal sex, in the name of spicing thing up.

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Such extremes are likely to have been the case in Nairobi, with a woman being reported to have allegedly died after her man accidentally chocked her to death during sex.

In a more recent cases, police in Migori are investigating circumstances under which a 36-year-old man died after spending a night in a lodging with his girlfriend in Rongo town on Tuesday night.

The man reportedly died at Rongo sub county hospital in unclear circumstances after having quality time at Msenera lodging with a woman identified as Dona Anyango.

Rongo Sub County Police Commander Peter Kirui said the deceased, identified as Collins Odhiambo Ochieng, had spent the night with Ms Anyango before he died.

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He said after the man checked in with the woman, he developed breathing complications.

“The woman rushed him to hospital in Rongo where he died while undergoing treatment,” said Mr Kirui.

He added that that Ms Anyango, who reported the matter to the police on Wednesday morning, is still being detained at Rongo Police station to help the police in further investigations.

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“The cause of the death could not be established immediately. Police have detained the woman in order to aid in investogations,” added Mr Kirui.

The body of the deceased was taken to Rosewood hospital mortuary for an autopsy.

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The incident left scores of Rongo residents reeling in shock.

“It is strange that someone would die in such unclear circumstances. The police should expeditiously get to the bottom of the matter,” said one of the residents.

“It is very bad that what was meant to be an enjoyable evening would turn out tragically for the man,” quipped another resident.

Recently an elderly man passed away while having sex with a prostitute or this woman, who suffocated to death during sex game with a cucumber.

Few months ago in India, reckless driving sent a 31-year-old man straight to the cemetery and his 27-year-old girlfriend to hospital in Uttar Pradesh state.

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The unnamed man was behind the wheel and having sex with his partner at the same time, when suddenly he lost control of the car.

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The vehicle crashed head-on into the oncoming mini-truck, killing the driver at the scene and badly injuring his young lover.

Rajesh Yadav, Gajroula police officer, commented on the incident: “Probably the couple were having sex in the moving car and either didn’t see the truck coming from the other side or couldn’t drive past it.

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The driver lost his life immediately after the accident due to grave injuries. The girl, who has a deep gash on her head and a fractured leg, is out of danger.”

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Residents of the area rushed to the aid of the duo stuck in a car wreckage and were found naked from the waist down.

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