Crooked Ruto Vows To Punish Leaders Revealing Drought and Starvation Deaths

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William Ruto vows to punish chiefs revealing number of people dying from hunger

The DP warned local leaders and chiefs leaking unverified numbers to the media would be dealt with – He termed as fake news reports indicating 11 people had died as a result of drought and starvation.

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Deputy President William Ruto has threatened to deal with defiant chiefs leaking information about number of people who have died of starvation in Baringo and Turkana counties. He said that the chief who faked death has been seized!

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The DP also once again rubbished media reports indicating at least 11 people had been killed by drought and hunger in different parts of the country terming the reports as “fake news”.

Deputy President Wwilliam Ruto on Wednesday, March 20, maintained no one had died as a result of starvation in Baringo and Turkana counties.

on Wednesday, March 20, Ruto disclosed the government had already embarked on a crackdown on people he claimed were ‘faking deaths’.

“There is a lot of fake news around what is happening in Kenya. For example, we were told the other day that 11 people have died. That is not true…from where I sit…from all the professionals that we have.

In fact, the chief and the other fellow who faked death, we have taken them in for questioning,” the DP said.

Baringo MCA Nelson Lotela who alleged more than 17 people had died due to starvation, contrary to the government’s claims that no such deaths had been recorded. “People have died.

We wonder why the government is disputing reports on deaths resulting from hunger in Baringo. We have the names…we have the records. I am ready to take them to every homestead where death was reported,” Lotela said during the relief food distribution exercise in Tiaty constituency, Baringo county, on Tuesday.

Lotela accused the government of trying to keep disturbing statistics a secret and intimidating local leaders and chiefs from speaking to the media about the situation. “Why are they disputing our reports yet the reports are correct? They (unnamed senior government officials) are even intimidating us and the local chiefs for giving the reports to the press,” the Ward Rep claimed.

The government, however, insisted no one had died because of drought and the resultant starvation in the country.

Devolution CS Eugene Wamalwa argued there was no evidence showing those who were reported dead were killed by hunger.

Appearing on Citizen TV on Tuesday night, the CS accused local politicians of taking advantage of the situation and exaggerating everything about it. “As of tonight, there is no death that has been verified as a direct cause of the drought.

We cannot stop politicians from saying what they want to say. Allegations have been made but they have not been verified. We are working to ensure no life is lost. One life lost is a life too many,” he said.

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