Revealed! Why Wasafi did not produce Hamisa Mobetto’s debut song

It was expected that Tanzanian Singer Hamisa Mobetto would have started her music career at Wasafi record label. Or at least have her song produced by the baddest producer Lizer.

However this was not the case. Hamisa Mobetto had her debut sing ‘Madam Hero’ produced by producer C9.

Wasafi Producer has explained to fans why he did not work with Hamisa Mobetto on her song.

Another reason why they expected her to work with the Wasafi team is because she was the voice behind the Jibebe Song.

Lizer however says that Hamisa Mobetto never informed him that she wanted him to be the producer behind the song.

He also added that Hamisa did the song as a surprise and she might not have wanted Diamond Platnumz to know about it.

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Hamisa released the song after the news of her break up with Diamond Platnumz and this might yet be another reason why she did not consult the Wasafi producer on her song.

Lizer also revealed that even Diamond was not aware that Hamisa Mobetto had plans to release the song until it was out.

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