Migori Man Sees The Afterlife After Intense S3xual Exercise!

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Many men will tell you that there’s nothing sweeter than ravaging your woman after having a scrumptious meal of matumbo-ugali and a set of cold Tuskers to wash it down.

Unfortunately, Collins Odhiambo died in such an escapade shortly after checking ito a local lodging in Rongo, Migori.

Odhiambo, is said to have been in the company of his 27-year-old girlfriend Donnah Anyango at the time of the incident.

According to Ms Anyango, the man developed breathing difficulties shortly after making love at Maserena Bar and Lodging in Rongo Town.

Image result for black people in bed

Odhiambo reportedly passed on shortly after he was rushed to Rongo Sub-County Hospital.

Rongo OCPD Peter Kirui confirmed the incident, saying Ms Anyango had reported the incident at Kamagambo Police Station.

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