Ignorant , Rude and Former Journalist Sonia Birdi Rejected by Nairobi County Assembly

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During Tuesday’s sitting, the MCAs said the former nominated legislator cannot solve environment related challenges in the capital city as she is not conversant with key issues touching the Environment sector, and asked Sonko to re-advertise the position.

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Led by the Assembly’s Majority Leader Abdi Guyo, the MCAs also said that Birdi cannot be trusted to hold such a public office as she has been charged in court with an offence of creating disturbances and abusing her power. This incident happened on January 24 2015, when Birdi and Nandi MP Alfred Keter caused disturbance at the Gilgil Weighbridge station.This issue came up during the vetting process as the members of the appointment committee found that her conduct was out of order.

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The Committee also declared Birdi ignorant and arrogant after she continuously refused to answer queries raised by the members of the committee. For instance, a member of the committee and the Assembly’s Minority Whip Peter Imwatok asked Birdi what she knows about Nairobi River. “Can you tell the committee where Nairobi River starts and where it ends,” asked Imwatok. “I refuse to answer that question,” Birdi. “Can you tell us what is riparian land?” asked Roysambu MCA Peter Warutere.

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“I’m not going to answer this question… I’m not a student,” said Birdi.Another member Millicent Mugadi asked her if she has ever been to the Dandora dumpsite and in which constituency is it located. “I have visited Dandora dumpsite several times, it’s in Donholm constituency,” answered Birdi. Members laughed as there is no such constituency.The other three nominees Acting County Secretary Pauline Waititu who is seeking to head Devolution and Public Service, Winfred Wangui (Finance) and Lucia Mulwa (Education) have however been approved by the Assembly. 

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