Best methods to successfully lie to anyone

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Once in a while we are caught up in situations where wish we were the greatest liars on earth for reasons that may be necessary.Well next time you are in such a mix up try this amazing tactics and see the results.

1.Tell the truth, misleadingly.-The hardest lies to catch are those which aren’t actually lies. You’re telling the truth, but in a way that leaves a false impression. Technically, it’s only a prevarication – about half a sin.

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2 .Lay your groundwork- Don’t wait until you’re under the interrogation lamp to start putting your story together. A 1990 study by psychologist Bill Flanagan showed that liars who had worked out the details of their stories beforehand had significantly more success than those who hadn’t. As in everything, practice makes perfect. “It’s easier to catch someone in a lie the first time they tell it,” says psychologist Dr. Cynthia Cohen.

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3.Watch your signals- It’s folk wisdom that people fidget, touch their noses,stutter, and break eye contact when they lie – the proverbial “shifty-eyed” look. But research has shown that just isn’t so. In his 1999 study of high school students, Feldman found that nonverbal signals were crucial in determining who got away with telling lies. “The successful kinds were better at controlling their nonverbal signals, things like the the amount of eye contact and how much they gestured,” he says.

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