African sadness rated-Finland named the happiest country in the world

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“Oh boohoo, you lost your phone charger, you know starving kids in Africa don’t even have phones.”

I’m pretty convinced that many people my age only utter the idiotic phrase because they grew up hearing it from their parents.

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Finland has beaten out 155 other countries for the title of the most happiest nation in the 2019 report, released Wednesday. The report states that global data on national happiness and evidence from the emerging science of happiness shows that “the quality of people’s lives can be coherently, reliably, and validly assessed by a variety of subjective well-being measures, collectively referred to as ‘happiness.'”

The annual report is based on survey results from the preceding three years, although the surveys are not arranged in every country in the assessment on an annual basis.

Finland named the happiest country in the world by the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network. The happiest country in Africa is #57 – Mauritius. Why are you Africans so sad?— Larry Madowo (@LarryMadowo) March 20, 2019

Some of the factors going into the assessment include gross domestic product per capita, healthy life expectancy, generosity, social support, freedom to make life choices, and perceptions of corruption.

In this year’s ranking, each of the Nordic countries fared well, with Austria moving up the list to break into the top ten and replace Australia. The 2018 happiness rankings of the countries are included for comparison.

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2019 World Happiness Report top ten

  1. Finland (1)
  2. Denmark (3)
  3. Norway (2)
  4. Iceland (4)
  5. Netherlands (6)
  6. Switzerland (5)
  7. Sweden (9)
  8. New Zealand (8)
  9. Canada (7)
  10. Austria (12)

The country that has taken the greatest leap compared to 2005-2008 figures is Benin, whose ranking in the 2019 report improved 50 places. Venezuela and Syria, on the other hand, are both ranked lower this year than the last.

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Burundi, which was last on the list in 2018, has now climbed 5 spots to the 145th position.

I’m seeing replies talking about Africans are happy in their own way. Why do Africans have difficulties acknowledging that happiness is co-related to your standard of living? Good health, social security, proper infrastructure, adequate food, proper clothing. Tusidanganyane sana— #Reparations (@Afrique_Melanin) March 20, 2019

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