Sonko suffers another Blow as MCAs reject his D+ Material Slay Queen Nominee

Just what is happening at City Hall? It seems Mike Sonko is unable to make any right decision. Everything he does backfires on him brutally.

Last week, Sonko nominated a slay queen; Sanjeev Sonia Birdi as his Minister of Environment.

The County Assembly has since found out that Sonia is a beautiful Slay Queen with zero brains.

“The environment issues in Nairobi does not require someone who has a D+ and cannot understand simple terms in the sector,”says County Assembly Majority Leader Abdi Guyo.

Sanjeev Kaur Sonia Birdi appearing before the Nairobi County Assembly Committee on Appointments on March 11, 2019 for vetting

Sonia has no capacity to solve the perennial environment-related challenges in the city after she failed to prove her general knowledge on key issues in the sector.

She was found not conversant with key issues touching on the environment sector.

It was also established that Birdi has been charged in a court with an offence of creating a public disturbance and abusing her power.

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