“Shetani anawafanya mvue nguo” gospel artist slams Diamond and co. for accepting devil’s deals

I sympathize with you – Ringtone sends explosive message to Diamond

Controversial Gospel singer Ringtone Apoko has sent out an explosive message to WCB President Diamond Platnumz, claiming that the devil is misusing him.

In a long post on Instagram, Ringtone said that Diamond and his WCB artistes Harmonize and Rayvanny are hardworking but the devil is out to make sure all the moeny they make is wasted on women.

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He added that if they were gospel singers, they would earn more than they do currently and they would be billionaires.

“DEAR DIAMOND, HARMONIZE N RAYVANNY, I write to you not because I hate you but becoz I sympathise with you. Imagine the devil is misusing you guys. According na Ile bidii na kazi mmefanya kila siku hamlali kazi ni kutoa mawimbo.

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Yaani shetani anawazungusha sana. Anawainamisha, anawafanya mvue nguo,mranderande dunia, mkose usingizi lakini kwa kweli mapato ni madogo na hata mkipata Shetani anamake sure mmepoteza na warembo. To be honest if you guys were singing gospel music right now mngekua mabillionare na ma Ranger Rover, ma Lx 570, Manyumba hapo Masaki, ndege zenyu etc,” read part of his long post.

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He went on to say that their lives would be better and they would not be hiring clothes, big cars and houses to make people believe that they are well off.

He added that the devil was stealing from them and they should try Jesus, noting that he does not have as much followers as them, but his earnings are much more than them.

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