Ringtone claims Diamond Platinumz is living a fake life

It seems like controversial Kenya gospel artist Ringtone is done roasting Kenyan artists and now he daring abroad.

Ringtone now claims Tanzania singer Diamond Platinumz is living a fake life since he’s still hiring cars and staying in a filthy village.

In a long post on Instagram, Ringtone said that Diamond and his WCB artistes Harmonize and Rayvanny are bragging with hired cars only to pleas people.

“Honestly how come hamjahama vijijini, magari bado mnakodesha, nguo mnavaa mitumba , chain ambazo sio original etc 
Sisemi Kuishi kijijini, vuvaa mitumba, kuendesha magari kuukuu ni VIBAYA but kwa Ile bidii mmeonesha jamani SHETANI anawaibia jaribu YESU”.

He went on to say that their lives would be better and they would not be hiring clothes, big cars and houses to make people believe that they are well off.

He added that the devil was stealing from them and they should try Jesus, noting that he does not have as much followers as them, but his earnings are much more than them.

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