Ladies, How Much Do You Know About Your Ovaries?

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Most women don’t give much attention to their ovaries even though they play a major role in their lives.

Biologically, ovaries play a major role in multiplying people on earth. This fact is what is commonly known by people not knowing that there are other factors contributed by ovaries.

Here are some of the major roles played by ovaries.

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1. They produce a whole lot of hormones

Did you know that ovaries generate hormones? Hormones such as progesterone and estrogen are produced by ovaries.

These hormones are important, as they contribute a lot during the development of the female, at puberty stage. More so, estrogen plays a major part in preparing the uterus for conception.

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2. They can get stressed out

When you get stressed out, automatically the ovulation process gets affected. When the ovulation is affected, there will be a higher chance of the ovulation process to delay.

This also happens when one is under pressure caused by moving from one point to the other and resulting in a change of the environment.

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3. They change sizes

Ovaries are different from other organs of the body and hence, they change their size occasionally. This happens over the different course of lifetime or cycle.

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