‘It hurts!’ King Kaka’s emotional birthday message to lover

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King Kaka´s wife, Nana Owiti receives nothing short of an affectionate message from the ´Dundaing´ hitmaker, on her birthday.

Think this is the 1st birthday you are spending without me, na inaniuma sana that I am away.

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King Kaka took to Instagram to appreciate the Queen in her life sadly expressing how he is not with her for the first time, to celebrate her turning a year older.

Thanks for the moments, thanks for the years, and most importantly thanks for believing in the Dream when I was Rabbit, remember way back when I had a ´gig´ in Mombasa and it flopped, the owner gave us Kshs 480, a lodging to sleep in and it was so dirty, with dirty bedsheets, we spent the whole night telling stories on how I will one day make it in the music industry buying time as we waited for the 1st morning ferry.

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In his long post the King of Kaka Empire, speaks to the mother of his two children who has been with him through thick and thin since time immemorial.

Now you are The Queen, and mother to my beautiful kids.

You deserve nothing but the best.

Mimi na wewe Hadi tukunje mgongo, Happy Birthday @nanaowiti, To Many More.

Niliwacha kuwa inspired na wao, Niko inspired na family kwa hao.

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Early this month, the mother of King Kaka´s two kids revealed that she had suffered a miscarriage 5 years ago.

She expressed that it was a painful experience but that the Almighty had blessed her with another pregnancy hardly 3 months later.

It is indeed a tough couple.

God’s blessings to the beautiful duo.

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