Hilarious characters of Slay queens

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A slay queen is a woman who wants to choke everyone else with how beautiful and cool they are. Social media and slay queen are “chanda na pete” literally.

She believes that women of her kind are superior and should thus be treated as such. However, slay queens are more annoying than interesting. Here are the common characteristics they posses.

Below are some of annoying characters of slay queen:

They walk in groups

It is rear to see a slay queen walking alone even if one is called for an interview she will wait for group mate to escort her.

. She wears too much make up.

A slay queen not only looks like her face was literally painted, but she is always in make up as well. According to most guys I’ve spoken to, she also tends to wear very loud colours on her face.

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. Working to earn her own money is not in her life’s agenda.

Her job is to shop, eat in expensive restaurants, take vacations, go clubbing, visit spas, salons and nail bars and so on, that is if, their sponsors can afford it. Hustling and making her own coin is not even a matter of discussion.

She believes her beauty, enhancing and flaunting it; is all that she requires to get everything she wants.

Facebook, Instagram and snap chat are bae.

A day cannot pass by without a slay queen posting a photo or video on social media. She mostly posts about a place she’s eating(usually an expensive restaurant), clubbing(almost every weekend), expensive drinks, vacations, new designer shoes or clothes that she just got and so on; and in most cases, these things don’t exist..yep!

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For a slay queen, a few days cannot pass by without posting a selfie. Some even post daily or after every few hours. Actually, you’re likely never going to see a status update that makes sense on her timeline/social media wall, or one that she actually wrote. It’s either memes, copied texts or shared posts, if it’s not a photo of herself or an item she just got.

She does not use public means of transport.

High class slay queens drive and if they have car trouble, they call bae or the taxi guy.

The ‘other class’ only ubers and when things are not so good in the pocket, they use boda boda. There have been several cases of wigs, slay queens and boda boda lately by the way, but..oh well.

. Slay queens have, for lack of better words, a special kind of pride.

They will force a catwalk even if they can’t do it especially when they’re in heels. Always talking with the help of their hands and fingers pushing their brazillian or fake hair behind as they swing their heads, and move their ‘hair’ away from their faces. They have a way of holding things. They’re very choosy and picky with what and how they eat and what they use in terms of products, drinks etc. I’m sure you get it.

How they walk

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