Busia Woman Traumatized After KeNHA Officer Storms Her Bedroom While She Was Naked To Give Demolition Order

KeNHA officer ‘breaks into woman’s bedroom to serve her with demolition order’

A Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) officer in Busia has been accused of breaking into the bedroom of a middle-aged woman in a bid to serve her with a demolition order.

Joseph Onyango allegedly stormed into businesswoman Zilpa Bett’s house before forcibly accessing her bedroom, where Zilpa was “relaxing in bed while naked”.

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It is said Mr Onyango had carried an edict with him meant to notify Ms Bett that one of her houses at Tengewa area was earmarked for demolition because “it was constructed on the Busia-Kisumu road reserve”.

The incident happened on Monday evening, says Ms Bett.

“He infringed on my right to privacy as I was undressed, when he stormed into my bedroom,” said Ms Bett.

“I want to know what KeNHA guidelines say on how notices should be served to recipients. KeNHA boss should intervene and ensure I get justice,” said the complainant.

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Mr Onyango, however, denies Ms Bett’s claim, saying he served her with the demolition notice when she was seated under a tree in her homestead.

“She has encroached [on land set aside by KeNHA for the expansion of Busia –Kisumu highway]. I served her with the notice, when I found her relaxing under the shade of tree in her compound. The woman is my mother’s age, and should speak the truth,” said Mr Onyango.

Both the complaint and the accused have filed reports at Busia Police Station.

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