Ben Cyco changes his life style to support his ailing sister

Gospel artist has shaved all his hair as a way of supporting his young sister, Joy who was diagnosed with cancer. One major side effect of Chemo is loss of hair. Joy posted a few pictures on social media where she has lost all her hair. In support of Joy, Ben Cyco decided to shave all his hair off and used a hashtag #doitforjoy.

Joy has been sick for 5 months. It has taken a toll on the family both financially and emotionally. It all started with a change in her menstrual cycle, and with time she lost a lot of weight.

She was rushed to the hospital and the first doctor could not establish what the problem was until a biopsy was done and the results revealed she has cancer.

Ben Cyco confessed that it has been sad for both Joy and the family but she is very very hopeful. In fact, she told him that despite the fact that whatever she is going through is tough, she will have a great testimony.

Kenyans came together and helped the family raise money to enable her travel to India for chemo. Ben Cyco’s family is anxiously awaiting a progress report.

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