This Is How Your Children Are Being Bullied Online Secretly

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Most of us have heard of cyber bulling but mostly on social media, however, poeple have gone an extra mile to harrass people online, especialy children to coherce them to do things they should not be doing.

They are now using platforms that you would never imagine could be used, the GoogleDocs, yes. That office friendly platform is what is being used to put your child’s life on jeopardy.

A new blog by Bark has warned that Google Docs is being used by youngsters in some schools to cyberbully their classmates.

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While the document-editing programme is often used for assignments or group projects, some children are using Google Docs to taunt others.

The blog explained: “We’ve seen more than 60,000 cases of kids ganging up on other children in Google Docs.

“They work in tandem to write mean or hurtful things in a shared Google Doc. 

Several children can contribute to the same Google Doc at once (Image: Google)

“In other cases, kids create private, digital ‘burn books’ and invite others to contribute while leaving out the teased child.”

Other inventive children have started using Google Docs as an alternative to chatrooms while in class.

The blog added: “Schools often block stand-alone chatrooms and social media platforms with a firewall, and students know that websites for school work can’t be blocked. 

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“Classroom chats in Google Docs can then pick up right where they left off when kids get home.

“While parents may think their child is deep into a history paper, they may actually just be chatting with friends.”

Google’s policy strictly prohibits bullying on Google Docs. 

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