“Government has enough food, there is no cause for alarm” DP Ruto Says

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After reports surfaced that nearly 5.3 million people are in risk of starvation in the northern part of the country, deputy president Ruto has come out stating that the government has laid out an effective plan to combat the drought.

In the press statement, DP Ruto has said that the government has allocated over 2 billion to handle the current drought crisis in the country.

Additionally, DP Ruto has stated that in response to the drought, the relief efforts will begin at a county level to prevent any further deaths from taking place.

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Ruto has also said that long-term interventions will be put in place to handle the long term effects of drought and preparedness of the government to handle such issues.

Moreover, the government has said that the recorded deaths were not as a result of drought, rather they could have been issues of sickness.

CS Mwangi Kiunjuri has also stated that over 8,000 pans have built across the country to anticipate the rains the coming month.

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