Akothee stun Kenyans after thirsting over handsome, married TV host

Popular singer and businesswoman Akothee has always been known to be unapologetically naughty and confident. The mother of five was spotted thirsting over young, handsome TV host Jamal Gaddafi.

In a hilarious yet subtle Instagram post the Lotto singer shared a photo of the delectable presenter. She then pretended to be curious about where she could get a pair of jeans like the ones Jamal had on.

“Where can I get this kind of jeans for my sons,” the cheeky musician asked. Lol but her fans had seen her little game from afar and asked her whether she had a thing for the fine man.

An elusive Akothee maintained she only wanted to know about Jamal’s genes, oh sorry, jeans. Hehe! But we do not blame her, the KTN TV host is quite the looker and very easy on the eyes.

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