Harmonize trolled over the state of his parents’ house

Today is a big day for Tanzanian Musician Harmonize since he is turning a year older.

Harmonize took the opportunity to take his Italian girlfriend to the village for the first time to meet his parents.

Wasafi singer share the video of him with Sarah riding on a boda boda to the village, however his fans have criticized him for building a substandard house for his parents and yet he has money.

“Sasa ndio kanyumba gani hako amejengee wazazi wanajitia wana hela.wazazi wao wanaishi Maisha Duni”


Not so long Kenya Gospel singer Bahati was under siege after he showed the filthy lifestyle his grandfather lived and yet he is swimming in money.

Bahati uploaded photos of the visit on Instagram, which was also the first meeting of his wife Diana and daughter Heaven with his maternal relatives.

Image result for bahati critized after his grandfather

It is the old man’s mud-walled houses that caught the attention of Bahati’s fans, who questioned why he had not built his grandpa a more decent house.

In clips aired on his reality TV show, Bahati was seen spending the night in one of the mud-walled houses where he commented on the tiny spring beds.

“Unajua guka amebuy ile kitanda ya springs mkilala mnakutana katikati. Heaven umezoea kulala kwa cot lakini leo unalala na sisi,” he said.

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