Slaps, Kicks and Blows is what you get for defending a Criminal

Angry Ekeza Sacco members attack Gakuyo's lawyer

Drama unfolded at the Milimani Law Courts in Nairobi after disgruntled members of Ekeza Sacco attacked one of the advocates representing controversial televangelist David Kariuki Ngare, popularly known as Gakuyo. The angry members, who are furious over the Ksh.1.5 billion loss brought upon them by the Gakuyo-founded sacco, pounced on lawyer Samuel Mburu accusing him of ridiculing them as he contradicted their submission in court.

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They descended on Mburu outside the court ripping his shirt and suit as they meted out their anger on him. It took the intervention of security guards at the court to rescue him. Earlier, there was confusion in the court over who is the real advocate representing the Sacco since two advocates ,Mburu and Duncan Okachi claimed they have instructions to represent Ekeza Sacco. Whereas Mburu says he has no problem with the court orders that barred take over of the sacco by a new management, lawyer Okachi wants the orders vacated.

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The judge directed the application seeking to have the orders vacated be filed formally and have the matter mentioned next week.

The Commissioner of Co-operative Development had been temporarily barred from installing the new management Committee at Ekeza Sacco Ltd.
The commission was also barred from removing from office the management committee of Ezeka Sacco.

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In the matter, 11 Sacco members — siding with Gakuyo, through advocate Danstan Omari — filed the petition to stop the commissioner from interfering with the management of Ekeza Sacco. 

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