Ladies, Here Are More Options For That Time Of The Month

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Some ladies are allergic to tampons or sanitary pads since they cause different infections around the reproductive system such as irritations.

This can be true since pads are made up of chemicals such as dioxins that can affect the body.

 Here are pad alternatives that you can use as they are free of chemicals;

1. Menstruation cups

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These are characterised by a bell with a stem. They are eco-friendly alternatives to tampons. Unlike tampons, they collect the blood rather than absorbing it.

These cups can simply be inserted into your reproductive system when you are on your periods. They don’t cause more harm like tampons. 

2. Menstrual sponges

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They also bar menstrual fluid from leaking on the clothes. They are made of natural sea sponges. The beauty of them is that they are reusable. 

Just like the menstrual cups, they are inserted in the honeypot to imbibe the blood. After this, you can rinse and reuse it again.

3. Period panties

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When it comes to dealing with your periods, you can resort to using period panties as well. They are friendly in nature and not associated with numerous negative effects like tampons.

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