VIDEO: Netizens left in awe as man gets a Bob Marley inspired haircut

Netizens have been wonder struck after a video of a man who got a Bob Marley inspired haircut went viral.

Fans go an extra mile to prove their love for their favorite artists or celebrities and for the man in the video the late reggae legend Bob Marley must be such a great inspiration in his life.

Some would make sure that they get tattoos of either faces or symbols that would relate with their celebrities.

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A couple months ago, a fan got a tattoo of American Rapper Cardi B’s face on her arm.

This might sound like a thing of the western world but in the African countries too, it happens.

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Just a month ago, a fan won King Kaka’s heart after he showed off his tattoo of Kaka’s name scribbled on his arm.

In this current video, the man got a haircut of Bob Marley’s face at the back of his head. Have a look

What are the extreme ends you can go or things you can do to prove your love for your favorite celebrity?

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