‘Dare Devil Dreamer’ predicts President Uhuru’s Death in One week’s Time

There was shock on Monday when a shoe shiner delivered a controversial ‘prophetic’ message before a Nairobi court saying that President Uhuru Kenyatta was going to die in 7 days time.

Wilson Mwangi Macharia who looked composed stood in the dock and told magistrate Z Abdul that he is so sure of the President’s death as he was told by the ‘holy spirit’.

“I am not on medication! The holy spirit communicated to me,” exclaimed Macharia, who is said to have been suffering from epilepsy since childhood.
Left with no option, the prosecution was forced to ask the court to allow them conduct further medical tests on Macharia.

Wilson Macharia appearing before Magistrate Abdul

According to records obtained from the court, Macharia was arrested last month after he was seen with a placard bearing inscriptions: “Uhuru will die if he fails to call god through us before March 19, 2019.”

It is reported that he stopped taking his medication in 1986 and since then, Macharia has continued to cause controversies every so often. The family also revealed that Maharia had a stash of letters he had allegedly written to god recently. His wife couldn’t put up with him she left in 2010.

His brother John Kinyanjui confirmed to the courts that Macharia has so far refused to seek medical attention. The magistrate directed that a comprehensive mental assessment be done on Macharia and report on same be tabled before her on March 18.

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