Shock as Maasai Man Caught Strapped Stolen Meat On His Chest!

There was drama in Kajiado County when ‘detectives’ napped unknown man fully dressed in Maasai regalia with a stolen meat (perhaps a whole goat) strapped on his body.

The man who had gladly covered himself with a popularly known Maasai Sheet and a heavy Jacket inside was detained and upon further inquiries, it was revealed that he had safely tucked large chucks of what is suspected to be goat’s meat on his chest.

In the video,the man is seen undressing to his last shirt to reveal large, well packed chucks of meat neatly placed against his chest all the way to his back end. What shocked many is his ability to comfortably
walk around without any suspicion.

It was immediately not known where the man stole the meat from and whether he was taken to police station or not. Here is the full video of all the scenario;

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