How a ‘Two Minute Miracle’ saved Man against Deadly Ethiopian Plane Crash!

Ahmed Khalid is a one lucky ‘miracle’ man who cheated death by a whisked thanks to a two minute delay that saw him missed flight on the ill fated Ethiopian airline.

A delay in the his flight from Dubai to Addis Ababa Ethiopia could have been a disappointment to Ahmed Khalid, but if the picture of the remains of the Ethiopian Airline that crashed on Sunday comes to the fore, then Khalid owes his life to that which caused the delay.

According to TRT World, Ahmed Khalid was supposed to board the first flight to Nairobi, which was ET202 that crashed on Sunday, six minutes after taking off from the airport, forcing him to take the next flight.

Because of the two minute delay from Dubai I missed the first flight to Nairobi. Six minutes later, while still at the airport, one passenger saw on his mobile that the first plane which had just flown out had just crushed,” said Ahmed Khalid.

At on point, Ahmed was furious and is said to have requested the airport officials to have the plane wait for him as he clears but it was already too late as the plane took off without him. He is forever grateful to Go for giving him the second chance to bear testimony that miracles indeed still happens.

He later boarded another Nairobi bound flight, where he was received at the airport by his jubilant family

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