Forget dams, Ksh 3.2B goes missing in ICT ministry

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Kenya has a well developed banking system and that is why more companies are willing to enter the market with a trust in the financial sector but how money disappears during government transactions, only the gods know otherwise we are doomed with mathematics.

Even before were done investigating one scandal, another one erupts, my question is what happens, is it a distraction and if not, are cases followed up?Currently were talking about dams, but even before we conclude here is another Ksh 3.2 Billion missing which is not pocket change.

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According to a report tabled in parliament by Aden Duale from the auditor general ,the Department of Broadcasting and Telecommunications is unable to account for Ksh 3.2 billion plus and additional numerous financial irregularities.

The Ministry cannot explain or account for the missing 3.2 billion for the financial year ending June 30, 2018.

Most of the bills are owed to local media companies who offered advertising services but are yet to be paid.

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The report shockingly reveals irregularities and the public accounts committee will have to adopt it and investigate how bills amounting to Sh633.7 million were, strangely , listed without details of the supplier meaning they cannot be proven to be true.

I mean how can something lack a supplier yet it was paid for?

Then again, some bills have the year of supply but the invoices indicating exact date of delivery is a mystery that has left heads scratched.

Were they supplied all year?

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To prove incompetency at the ministry, to them, they owe nation media group Sh1,197,108,548 but according to a demand letter from the Nation Media Group, the ministry is owed Sh597,396,960 in advertising fees.

Kenya broadcasting company that has been crippled to its knees says it has received Sh842.5 million but the ministry’s records show that it transferred Sh854.1 million to State broadcaster.

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The ministry cannot also provide bank statements supporting the receipt of Sh2.4 billion from the National Treasury.

Is Mucheru serious?

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Notably, the department cannot present a contract that saw a Kenyan law firm paid Sh25 million for legal services after the government was sued in England over some Anglo Leasing-related contracts.

The department deposited Sh4 million into the law firm’s account, but the firm contested the figure and filed a bill of costs at the commercial court, against the Auditor-General on behalf of the ministry. The commercial court dismissed the case, and the firm appealed to the High Court, which awarded it Sh25 million, saying the earlier amount was inordinately low.

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“Though the ministry paid the Sh25 million to the A-G for onward transmission to the law firm, no evidence of any contractual agreement between the ministry and the firm was availed for audit review,” the report says.

The transfer of Sh1.4 billion to other government units could also not be verified, since the ministry’s reported balance for individual agencies did not agree with the agencies’ records.

“This is noncompliance with the Public Finance Management Act regulations 2015,” the report says. Government regulations state that every year, accounting officers must prepare a procurement plan, which forms the basis for procurement undertaken by State entities in the fiscal year.

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