”Dowry Payment should not be a way of extorting money from the suitors” Boychild cries

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Do you believe in payment of dowry? Should dowry still be paid in this era?

Kenyans have shared their sentiments concerning the tradition of paying dowry and how it has seemingly turned into a business opportunity by some families and a way of extorting money.

The current state of the economy has led the boychild to lament on how difficult it can be if there is pressure to pay up an expensive fee before wedding.

While the culture makes people sick, some still believe that the payment is important and it is fair for families to consider the financial muscles of an individual before making unrealistic demands.

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In some cultures, some believe that dowry is a form of appreciation as well as a factor that unites the two families of the couple.

Some have admitted that they would advocate for dowry payment to be a thing of the past or to ban the system.

Some families set up high expectations and rates and this is what seems to bother many.

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Have a look at what some Kenyans think about this conversation.

As for me, don’t pay me dowry for my daughter, instead, build her a house with that dowry & put it in her name so that the day you decide to break her heart she’ll have a roof over her head. That way she’ll be less dependent on parents & she’ll cry in seclusion. #WeekendWithBetty— ThePyratez Kydd (@aNaughtyAngel) March 9, 2019

Deni lazima tulipe,it brings blessings to the family,also shows seriousness in this sacrament of marriage.— Joseph Macharia 🐦 (@MashRomeo) March 9, 2019

In my opinion NO to dowry payment. This idea of looking at women in terms of cows and money should end.— PAUL OTIENO ONYANGO (@JAKADAWA) March 9, 2019

Dowry payment is as old as the bible.
It’s biblical— Joseph Mumo Philip (@_Mumophilip) March 9, 2019

Dowry should be paid but it shouldn’t be mistaken for a business opportunity.— Tarus 🇰🇪 (@kentarus5) March 9, 2019

Dowry ni lazma, it’s appreciating the African woman plus it’s like a traditional wedding, when the man can officially say she’s my wife and he’ll be right. When we lose this tradition we’ll have embraced the western culture and what’s a tribe without its roots???— Sweetvicious001 (@vivianthuo02) March 9, 2019

The bible condones slavery. And dowry is akin to paying for a woman. Ban dowry payments. pic.twitter.com/Y24PGF5I2L— Atheist_in_Africa (@retired_atheist) March 9, 2019

Yes it’s a good cultural practice. It’s not about the money, it’s about the families and friends getting together to know each other. I’m typing this from deep within nyeri where my cousin is paying dowry. Mkisema ng’we naweka picha.— Steve Kiboi (@keyboysteve) March 9, 2019

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