Boychild throws a birthday party for babe and another guy proposed to her at the same party

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What will you do after throwing a party for your lover only to discover you are the side dish?

This was the case of a man who thought he has finally got the wife of his dream only to be hit by a rude shock after another man proposed to his babe during the surprise birthday party he organized and she said yes.

A Twitter user by the name Tife Fabunmi shared how a colleague of his watched as another man proposed to the love of his life. According to a tickled Tife, his friend who was deeply in love with his lady organised a party for his lover.

Of course, the lady attended the surprise birthday party as planned.

What no one saw coming was the woman’s other boyfriend showing up to the lively birthday party.

According to those who attended the party, a strange man walked in, enjoyed the party then decided to give the birthday girl a very unexpected and priceless gift.

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