This North Rift lawmaker is establishing political mileage on the back of William Ruto

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Outspoken Moiben lawmaker Silas Tiren has been among few North Rift politicians who after the 2017 general elections have openly differed with the Deputy President William Ruto on a number of issues.

Tiren is swimming in his own political waters as far as Uasin Gishu politics are concerned. Majority of the legislators in the county are extremely loyal to the DP but he is not.

The MP who is on his second term as a legislator has had a number of differences with the DP. Some of the issues he has been raising include the maize scam, graft cases, referendum, among others. Tiren has had different opinions on the issues, contrary to Ruto’s stand.

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Besides, the rebel Jubilee MP has also been fond of skipping major political functions in the region that are attended by the DP.

One does not need a microscope to see that Tiren has not been occupying the same political matrix with the DP for the last few years. However, he has recently polished his attacks against the second in command. 

He nowadays accuses the DP in public and frequently criticizes the government’s development programs.

The main reason could be that the lawmaker has found a new strategy of creating fame hence he wants the DP to feel that he is independent-minded and cannot be swayed easily.

He wants to establish his own political strategies of doing things and gain political courage for future moves. 

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