CS Kiunjuri to sell Kenya Meat Commission to private investor

The Ministry of Agriculture has been on the receiving end following the maize scandal, now the ministry plans to sell Kenya Meat Commission (KMC) to a private investor as the government seeks more capital to revive the ailing parastatal.

CS Kiunjuri says the State will no longer pump more money into a loss- making entity, adding that the process of selling it will start next week with the formation of a taskforce to come up with a plan for privatisation.

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Mr Kiunjuri said a lot of money has been channeled into the firm with the hope of reviving its ailing plant but that there is little to show for it.

“We are going to privatise Kenya Meat Commission. We are in the process and we are setting up a task force next week, which will comprise officials from the Privatisation Commission,” said Mr Kiunjuri in a news conference on Wednesday.

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Livestock Principle Secretary Harry Kimtai said privatisation of the firm will make it economical viable and boost export of animal products from Kenya to other countries.

“We have four international slaughterhouses and we are also building additional ones in four Counties. In total, we are going to have eight export slaughter houses. KMC has had its fair share of challenges which might not be addressed in any other way than through privatisation,” said Kimtai.

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