10 things Anita Nderu would change if she went back to being 21, the 6th one will shock you!

Vivacious media personality Anita Nderu is trying to make a comeback on track after suffering depression.

The 29-year-old lass, recently revealed that she battled depression and it was the lowest moments in her life.

‘The people close to me know what a struggle and mental torture last year was. I battled depression for 5 months and it was not pretty.’

During a Q&A session on her Instagram page, One of her followers asked her what she would have done differently in her 20’s.

Responding to the fan, she talked about 10 things she regrets in life. Below is the list of things she shared.

  1. I wouldn’t be too trusting

2. would have taken the job in SA.

3. I would undate two guys I dated.

4. I would call my mom more often.

5. I would have spent less money on shoes.

6. I would have never been friends with so many people.

7. I would eat healthier and work out more.

8. I would stress less coz well, life worked out-ish.

9. I would spoil my family and best friends rotten more.

10. I would not let my puppy chewy go to my dad’s house. He died there.

Anita has been in  a long relationship with top local chef Ali Mandhry.

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