‘I should have taken the SA job!’ Anita Nderu reveals her biggest life regrets

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Anita Nderu bravely came out to express her regrets and what she would change about her early 20’s if the hands of time were to go back in time.

During this time, so many people empathized with her and shared their own stories too. Seeing as she has a certain influence on the society, she got a lot of questions regarding her life whose answers gave may confidence.

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One fan asked Anita what she would have changed if she went back in time to be the naive 21-year-old she was at that age.

Anita then listed everything she would have done, from her career life, to her life decision, to her health, to her friendships and even her dog.

Read them all in the post below:

During the QnA on social media, she did not specify who gave her grief during the depression but she emphasized that it was caused by someone who was close to her.

Anita Nderu opened up about it saying that it was caused by one of the closest people in her life that saw her suffer for more than 5 months.

Was it her bae?

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Despite all the struggles, Anita still remains strong even after contemplating death.

She concluded her piece of advice saying that the best way to deal with people who bring in negative vibes – which leads to depression – is to find a way to be better, do better and live better.

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