“He Will Know My Wrath” Strict Matiangi Vows to Discipline EKEZA fraud chairman David Gakuyo for stealing 1.5 billion from poor investors

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Super ICS Fred Matiangi has promised to teach fraudster David Gakuyo a lesson for making away with 1.5 billion shillings of hard-earned money by investors in the Ekeza Sacco setup.

While making a press statement at the Kenya Police Sacco Annual Delegates Conference in Nairobi, Mr. Matiangi also said he would not have mercy on the managers of Ekeza Sacco as well.

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“We are going to do everything it takes to punish and bring to book those misusing resources. We are hot on the trail of officials of Ekeza and others,” 

“We have agreed with Inspector General of Police to go after them and take them before the law,”

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The no-nonsense CS stated that the government will not sit and watch as individuals embezzle hard-earned income invested in saccos by members.
Gakuyo, through Ekeza and Gakuyo Real Estate Limited is said to have embezzled money invested by 53,000 Sacco members.

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