Messi’s Contract Clause For the Morocco Vs Argentina Game That Has Got Everyone Talking


Is Lionel Messi some sort of God? Well, he is a football god but even at that, for the love of the game, he should not be made to look superior that other football players to an extent that he has to have a special contract while going to play another National side, in this case Morocco.

Argentine Football Association has put forward certain ‘rules’ to the Royal Moroccan Football Federation relating to Messi.

Credit: PA

One of the clauses includes photographs not to be taken of the Argentina captain after the match.

In fact, the Moroccan players are not allowed to take selfies with him or even with the fans.

One of the rules will also apply to the media, specifically for the fact that they won’t have the opportunity to interview Messi before or after the match.

Yes, those are two of the so-called conditions reached between the FRMF and Argentine FA, but it’s not as interesting as the next one.

So, the Moroccan players are not allowed to be aggressive towards him, essentially restricting them to soft tackles (or to simply avoid them).

That’s right, one of the best players in the world will become invincible against the opposition.

How can this be any better?

Credit: PA

Well, the FRMF will also be responsible for transporting the Argentine delegation from Spain to Morocco, mainly for how Lionel Scaloni’s men will be playing Venezuela at the Wanda Metropolitano on 23rd March.

Al Akhbar’s source has also claimed that the name of the hotel that the Argentina squad would be staying at will not be revealed — that’s a simple request, to be fair — while Moroccan authorities will be responsible for providing security during their stay in the country.

With all of that out of the way, the Argentine FA has promised the FRMF that it would fulfill one request if all of the requirements are met.

Morocco will host Argentina at the Prince Moulay Abdellah Stadium on 26th March.

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